Association to foster the Swiss green digital finance ecosystem

Supporting the development of Switzerland into a global leader in green fintech innovation.

Our Vision: By 2030, the Swiss green digital finance ecosystem will have become a global leader in enabling positive environmental and economic impact.

Our Initiatives

The Green Fintech Network was initiated by the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) as a working group in 2020. In 2021, this working group drafted the Green Fintech Action Plan, with clear recommendations for government, regulators, and financial industry industry how to establish a thriving green fintech ecosystem. The Green Fintech Network adopted and started working on a number of these recommendations, turning them into its strategic agenda:  

  • By bringing fintechs, corporates and academia together
  • To ensure favourable framework conditions for green digital finance in Switzerland
  • To connect companies to relevant startups and technology
  • By publishing and maintaining a green fintech map
  • To provide an overview of the green fintech ecosystem
  • To ensure individual green fintech companies are being found
  • By engaging with companies and financial institutions
  • To increase transparency on sustainability matters
  • To raise awareness of, educate about, and build capacity to address sustainability risks
  • By creating a sustainability data database
  • To support access to global sustainability datasets
  • To grant visibility to data providers
  • By connecting VC investors and advisors to startups in green digital finance
  • To support fintechs in their development and fundraising efforts
  • To makeinvestment opportunities transparent to VCs

Our Members

Green Fintech Network members commit to actively collaborate to realise the vision of Switzerland as a global leader in green digital finance.

Our Board

The Board is comprised of representatives of member organisations of the Green Fintech Network.      

gerrit sindermann profile picture

Gerrit Sindermann

Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA)
Gwen Jettain profile picture

Gwen Jettain

Vice President
Thomas Puschmann profile picture

Thomas Puschmann

University of Zurich (UZH)
Christian Spindler profile picture

Christian Spindler

Frederic Fournier profile picture

Frederic Fournier

Open Forest Protocol
James Crawshaw profile picture

James Crawshaw

Janine Hofer-Wittwerprofile picture

Janine Hofer-Wittwer

Michael Gloor profile picture

Michael Gloor

Oliver Marchand profile picture

Oliver Marchand

Simone Thompson profile picture

Simone Thompson

CLIMADA Technologies
Stephan Geiger profile picture

Stephan Geiger


Yvonne Johannsson

UBS Switzerland AG

Board Observer

Christoph Baumann profile picture

Christoph Baumann

Observer Representative
State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF)
Jan-Alexander Posth profile picture

Jan-Alexander Posth

Observer Representative

Honorary President

With a wealth of experience and a broad international network as a senior diplomat, Stefan Flückiger, formerly Swiss Deputy State Secretary for International Finance, provides the Green Fintech Network's board with strategic counsel, embodies its core values, and helps realise the GFN’s mission.

Stefan Fl�ckiger profile picture

Stefan Flückiger

State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) 2020-2023

Executive Management

Byung-Jun Kim Photo

Byung-Jun Kim

Managing Director
Gerrit Photo

Gerrit Sindermann

President of the Board
Gwen Photo

Gwen Jettain

Vice-President of the Board
Thomas Photo

Thomas Puschmann

Secretary of the Board

Key Supporters

The Green Fintech Network is being supported by different stakeholders across the whole ecosystem.


Get involved

The Green Fintech Network is open to Swiss-based organisations with a strong commitment to furthering the development of green digital finance.

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Supporting the development of Switzerland into a global leader in green fintech innovation.
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